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Darkness area and important locations for night sky screening and related activities

Author(s): Mohamed Mostafa Mohamed Ejfaeri

Affiliations:Libyan Center for remote Sensing and Space Science

Contact: m.ejfaeri@lcrsss.ly

Abstract: Dark and quit locations decreasing day by day . in Libya we have huge areas still keep the quality of natural rural habitat that will offer a world future opportunity for more investing in different type of research and tourist activities Today we have different questions to demonstrate our objectives and how to reach them and implement tasks toward the best quality places by offering more capability compared with other world places. The questions are , how to identify the best places?, are the places that we are selected the best or we need to discover the best ones? , also how to make this work more sustainable by providing divers programs that make the work self founding and more attractive for different segments of people. to support the activities in terms of astronomy researchers , other human & habitat researches and tourists . the work will be promoted by other wild and planet activities . we tend to construct parks inside Libyan rural area that will support many activates toward more sustainability environment. The parks have attracted the interests to see our sky in a clear sight with more capability that our desert places are offering as the clear atmosphere and natural environment with a normal dark night . the environment has the clear sky most nights a year and dry regions . the locations are the paradises for numerous activities that will bring a life to this remote places. The project will provide a modern capability to assist Interdisciplinary research among lighting, medical, and environmental research communities within different facilities and equipments . by constructing many small village based on the life without artificial light during the dark time in rural areas , we can bring the amazing experience in a new tourist assay. under strong criteria , the high dark area points selected in first step then location pass through filtering through field measurements in terms of more quality places selected . we have two type of campuses 1- rovers and 2- settled that can give more dynamic capacity to make different views from more locations as many habitats will discover simultaneously. This project will support international missions and give other societies the recommended positions in the admirable places. The Libyan Center for Remote Sensing and Space Science is looking to open the door for future cooperation in order to make the project sustainable under international programs and support. Also scenarios are going to construct frameworks for capacity building , technology transfer and diplomacy under the international dealings. Why this project The dark region in our world decrees with the revolution of electricity that can generated by different source and also increase using wireless technology in whole location of our world . the previous problems difficulty have implied regions criteria that need to support the astronomical effort within a suitable budget and offer easiest capability to be reached. The regions are free of diseases and pandemics and we can have good level of security and nice whether during a year with a nice dry region suitable for space monitoring and quite place for radio astronomy . we can consider the places in Libya as a best location for different type of activates.

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