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An overview of the light pollution of the night sky in Uruguay and the progress in its mitigation

Author(s):Andrea Sosa Oyarzabal

Affiliations:CURE, Universidad de la República, Uruguay

Contact: asosa@cure.edu.uy

Abstract: This work aims to present an overview of the degree of light pollution of the night sky in different areas of the Uruguayan territory, and to summarize the main contributions made from the astronomical observatory of the Centro Universitario Regional del Este (CURE) of the University of the Republic of Uruguay to mitigate its effects. The development of astronomical tourism in Uruguay es included as a useful tool to achieve this goal. Also recommendations made to competent bodies to regulate lighting are included, both in populated centers, and in places belonging to the National system of Protected Areas (SNAP). The SNAP’s places are characterized by their biodiversity, environmental, natural and landscape values. In Uruguay there are no still municipal or national laws that prevent public lighting to pollute the environment, including the night sky. An evaluation of the progress made towards this achievement is presented.

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